How SesameAccess Can Help Disabled People

Sesame Access is a company that transforms stairs into ADA compliant elevators. The company also makes an auto-balancing wheelchair as well as a retracting stair system. This article will discuss these products and Sesame Access’s online community. Continue reading to learn more about Sesame Access!

SesameAccess transforms stairs into elevators with ADA compliance

Sesame Access has been transforming stairs into ADA approved elevators for more than 20 years. The award-winning invisible lift complies with all the latest ADA regulations and doesn’t require structural modifications to the building. The company’s lifts provide smooth rides to all users thanks to their extensive, patented engineering.

Its retracting stair system

The Sesame System, a retractable staircase for disabled people offers a unique solution for the most common issue access for those with disabilities. This innovative system can be used to provide pedestrian and wheelchair access to buildings. This system is perfect for listed buildings and can be customized to match the building’s style. Its unique design also allows for simple customization and is completely customized, making it the perfect solution for specific needs.

stairlifts prices to ramps for wheelchairs while preserving the architectural integrity of the building. It is also perfect for areas with little space. The retracting stair lift is operated with a set buttons, and can either be programmed to work in a way that is automated or manually.

It can be utilized as a self-balancing wheelchair.

The SesameAccess Scewo Bro is a self-balancing chair that allows disabled individuals to go up and down stairs without assistance. It features tank-like rubber tracks that allow it to climb and descend any staircase. The wheelchair was designed by a British engineer Charlie Lyons who realized how difficult it is for those with disabilities to get around the city. His company, SesameAccess, has designed more than 100 stairway system to aid people with disabilities in moving around freely.

Its online community

You are not the only one who is disabled. There are millions of people who have disabilities. Whether you’re a quadriplegic, or suffer from any other disability of any type there are digital tools out there that can assist you to stay connected and more comfortable. In the past, this involved spending a lot of money, but today, thanks to the advancements in technology, you don’t have to think about it no more.