Nourishment On The Brain

Food is America’s most treasured commodity. It sustains us and provides energy to get through our daily lives. It can bring families together on special occasions or simply share a meal together as evening comes. But it can also be threatening to our health, and the nation’s. Food is America’s number one dietary problem. More Americans are overweight and unhealthy than any other country in the world.

Familiar ground rules: admit that trying to define American food isn’t easy; further admit that the US is known for the highest priced, lower quality product produced by industrial output-grinding machine. But Americans, too, have an impressive taste for good food, even when the best options are few and far between. In any case, we’re most popularly known for something we all could identify with: eggs. That’s why we celebrate this most popular food in the world, along with its humble beginnings, with eggs over a wide range of delicious dishes.

Eggs aren’t just for breakfast anymore. Hamburgers, bacon and sausages are eaten all day long. But don’t be fooled by these foods’ spiciness, they’re healthy alternatives to meat that are eaten alongside vegetables, toast and butter. The classic egg dish, which uses onions, bacon and tomatoes to create a hearty spread of flavors, is still popular, but there are so many versions of the same basic, with different techniques and ingredients to suit every palette.

Cheese has been a staple food in all cultures and is still a huge hit with Americans. We eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We’ve also come to enjoy it for snacks, on bagels, crackers and breads. In fact, cheese is the second most consumed food in America after fruits and vegetables. If you’ve never had real cheese, try a few of our favorites: American, Swiss, Canadian and Swiss-style cheeses.

Burgers are probably the most popular food in the world, especially in the United States. However, they’re not always easy to grill. Grilling hamburgers can result in a dry and tough meat that doesn’t taste half as good grilled in other ways. That’s why many people avoid grilling hamburgers altogether and instead order burgers in other forms such as hot dogs or buns.

Chicken is another familiar fast-food favorite. We’ve all walked into a chicken restaurant and have sat down to a meal, only to be greeted with piles of raw, uncooked chicken. Like most things, though, chicken has been transformed through the centuries into an amazing array of recipes, served in scores of countries. From the simple roast chicken we know to exotic dishes with spices like Thai or Chinese, chicken has made its way into our tables in dozens of nations.

The French love their cheese. Known for its unique flavor, fondue (boiled milk and meat pie), and spreads, cheese is the most popular of all foods in France. In fact, in some regions of France, a meal is considered complete when three pieces of cheese are served alongside a meal such as pastrami on croissant, or baked chicken with horseradish sauce on the table. Cheese is a traditional ingredient in Italian cuisine. Pizza is a huge hit with Italian-influenced cheese; so is Mexican pan con carne, another tasty classic.

Rice is eaten every day around the world. In the Philippines, it’s an important part of a dinner. In Thailand, rice dishes are usually served at lunch. Asian food is so varied that there is a dish for every person – or a combination of people – who goes to a restaurant. Whether you go to a nice restaurant or a greasy fast-food joint, chances are you will be able to find a great new dish that is not only tasty but also nutritious.